Reconnecting with Creativity

A Doodle a Day

Over time, our creative instinct can be diminished by the slings and arrows of everyday life. Meanwhile, the body keeps the score since we protect ourselves with coping mechanisms that serve as armour against imposed personal and social mores. In this process, we lose access to our ability to use emotions to make sense of the world. 

Even the simplest scribble, blob or line we make on a piece of paper connects us to the inner child who sees no artificial boundaries. Our doodles, therefore, are a perfect depiction of our unique point of view in the given moment. They are flowers in the garden of our life story and we should cultivate them as a matter of self-care. 

Doodling engages deep neurological pathways in our brain. Exercising these pathways regularly generates new connections and fuels our innate curiosity.  The resulting information is rocket fuel for emotional resilience. 

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