Healthy Mind

Flying in a balloon

Believe You Can Fly

Whenever you feel restless and uncomfortable for some reason you can’t put your finger on, it’s probably your body’s nervous system telling you to get

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Chronic Stress

We need to be calm to process data efficiently. A chronically stressed person will generally suffer from memory loss due to the periods of time

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Steps to Possibilities

A Single Step

You write your life’s story one step at a time and with every step you take another possibility moves closer towards you.

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Making Balloons

Making Memories

Today’s now is tomorrow’s memory. We will most likely forget why we were doing something . But we will always remember how we felt, who

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Emotion Party

Best Friends

Emotions are our best friends who always turn up to the co-regulation party, like a benevolent genie, just to say “hi, how are you doing?”

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