Follow Your Squiggles

Follow Your Squiggle

Think “cave paintings” and ask yourself what inspired people to decorate the walls of a cave with images and glyphs? Now, picture a child scribbling away happily with a crayon, expressing itself with an unbridled sense of freedom. We are all born with the instinct for creativity, then life happens. 

Creativity is the intrinsic quality that allows us to adapt to any environment we find ourselves in, to make sense of the happenings around us as well as to express our imagination and emotions. With mindful practice, it becomes the foundation of good health and wellbeing. Whenever we express our creativity, we inhabit our humanity at the most visceral and meaningful level. 

Creative activities can lead us into the flow state where the brain waves shift to the steady, calming alpha waves which promote the free flow of information. At the same time, a neurochemical cocktail of dopamine (feel-good), serotonin (mood stabiliser), endorphins (euphoria), and norepinephrine (activation) combine to create a sense of joy. We are literally having a therapeutic experience of our own making.

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