Light Up Your Life

As with most of the species with whom we share this planet, we are wired to sense and adjust to the seasonal patterns of our natural habitats. When the trees shed their leaves, the autumn sunshine softens and we start to prepare for the not-so-inevitable snow, it is nature moving towards the next summer. 

The shorter days and longer nights will, all the same, trigger our body to prepare for the season ahead. The first thing to understand is, sensitivity to changes in seasonal patterns is a healthy emotional response. When we accept that circumstances change, we are better positioned to change too, if we so choose. 

There’s also something calming about seeing this transition as a gift from nature. After all, we don’t need to look far to see that our social cycles, for various reasons, have long been attuned with the seasons. It is not a coincidence that Autumn is the season for hope, contemplation, renewal and rebirth. You might say it’s the “old normal” and we have been celebrating it for the longest time with candles that bring light into our homes and our hearts.

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