Walking through sunflower fields


We are designed to move, to cultivate. When we move, our mind and body function at full capacity, we are more relaxed, and the nervous system is better able to move smoothly through the gears to support the spectrum of emotional states we experience, from rest to alertness to responsiveness and active engagement. 

This alignment of body, mind and nature through movement empowers us to live a full and rewarding life. Movement, in terms of emotions, is also readiness for change and willingness to see and experience life from a point of view other than the one we have inhabited so far. 

It includes attunement, inert reactiveness to each other as well as the various cycles that our body needs to go through to sustain health and wellness, especially rest. When we rest our cells regenerate and deep systems in our body get to work keeping our immune system in tip-top condition. To move, therefore, is to heal; to adapt in order to consciously exercise our choices. 

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