Emotional Literacy

Walking through sunflower fields


We are designed to move, to cultivate. When we move, our mind and body function at full capacity, we are more relaxed, and the nervous

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Drawing as Medicine

Yes It Is

We would have to be able to check-in with ourself; pay attention to our mood-state and feel within our body the semi-subconscious impulses that trigger

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Making Sense


The more we dwell on to wounds caused the slings and arrows of life, the less our capacity to express the most amazing skill we possess;

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Emotion Party

Best Friends

Emotions are our best friends who always turn up to the co-regulation party, like a benevolent genie, just to say “hi, how are you doing?”

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We all feel down

It’s OK

Our emotions, if we embrace them through mindful practice, will always help us. They are nature’s power-tools for dealing with the ups and downs of

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