Mental Health

Drawing as Medicine

Yes It Is

We would have to be able to check-in with ourself; pay attention to our mood-state and feel within our body the semi-subconscious impulses that trigger

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Doodle Medicine

Small Steps

With baby steps (i.e. scribbles) even the most debilitating fears can be tamed and managed. It is not about improving the artistic outcome. It is

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A Doodle Keeps the Doctor Away

Dr Doodle

The same mental process we use to doodle also controls how we perceive pain whether the source is physical, emotional or social. It’s a natural

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Stay Curious

The idea of merrily doodling our time away feels like something only a child does because they’re carefree and don’t know better. While we, as

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Banana Duck

Flow State

When we are in a flow state something very interesting is happening to our brain and mind.  In the flow state the brain activity shifts

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